In the Netherlands a lot has changed around vaccination of your pets. About 10 years ago a “standard cocktail” (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Adenovirus, Para-Influenza & Leptospirose) would be given to all dogs, where nowadays we use alternating vaccination schemes or we first measure the amount of antibodies that are still present in the body and we only vaccinate against diseases when the antibodies we can measure are under the minimum level.

We use 3 “core vaccinations” in dogs and cats, and additionally some other vaccinations depending on the situation your pet is in.


Alternating vaccination is based on comprehensive research that showed that for several vaccinations a borader interval can be used than one year, without compromising in the protection of your animal against those viruses.

Our alternation vaccination schemes are the following:


Pups on 6 weeks of age: Distemper and Parvovirus (puppy DP)
Pups on 9 weeks of age: Parvovirus and Leptospirosis (Parvo C + L4)
Pups on 12 weeks of age: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Adenovirus, Leptospirose (DHP + L4)

Dogs on 1 year of age: DHP + L4
Dogs on 2 & years of age: L4
Dogs on 4 years of age: DHP + L4
after that: continue this scheme.
This way dogs will be vaccinated aternating with a 3 yearly interval against DHP and L4 and in the 2 years in between against L4. We can add a yearly vaccination against infectious tracheobronchitis (Kennel Cough), a three yearly vaccination against Rabies and/or a yearly vaccination against Lyme disease.

If you travel abroad (even to other countries in the European Union) a Rabies vaccination is mandatory. A vaccination against Infectious tracheobronchitis is often mandatory if your dog attends a boarding facility.
We will advise you on which vaccinations should be given.


Kittens on 9 weeks of age: Panleukopenia, Herpes and Calici = Tricat)
Kittens on 12 weeks of age: Panleukopenia, Herpes and Calici (Tricat)

Cats on 1 year of age: Tricat
Cats on 2 and 3 years of age: Herpes and Calici (=Ducat)
Cats on 4 years of age: Tricat
after that: continue this scheme.

This way cats will be vaccinated with Tricat every 3 years and with Ducat in the two years in between. We can ad Rabies once every 3 years (mandatory if your cat goes abroad) and Bordetella once a year (considerable if your cat attends a boarding facility).

Is your head spinning around already?
Please bring your pets passport when you visit our clinic and we will send you reminders to your pets receives the right vaccinations at the right time.

VACCICHECK – Titerbepaling

For both dogs and cats we can now measure the level of several antibodies, before we give the vaccination. This test is called the VACCICHECK. If antibodies are high we don’t need to vaccinate so the right moment for vaccination can be determined. We find that sometimes the protection lasts longer than 3 years and booster vaccination can be delayed. In dogs we can measure antibodies against Panleukopenia, Herpes and Calici. Unfortunately measuring levels of antibodies against Leptospirosis and Canine Cough are not reliable, so we need to vaccinate against those diseases on a yearly basis. If you want us to vaccinate your pet based on a vaccicheck, we are very happy to help you.

Wednesday Vaccicheck day

You can make an appointment for taking blood for a Vaccicheck every day, and this can be combined with a regular check up as well. The actual Vaccicheck test we do on Wednesday night and we will decide together with you which vaccination strategy suits your pet, depending on the results of the test. Please give us a ring or visit our clinic for more information.

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