Your pet is part of the family and deserves the best care. That’s why we introduce the Bie Bijen Club.
Together we ensure that you and your pet can enjoy each other as long as possible.
Don’t worry..bee healthy

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  • Vaccination once per year (Tricat or Ducat for cats, DHP and/or L4 for dogs, depending on what’s due)
  • Half Yearly Check up incl. dental check and weight check once per year (Half a year after vaccination)
  • Deworming all year round (Tablet 4 times a year)
  • Flea and Tick control all year round (once a month)
  • Nail clipping all year round when nescessary

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  • Vaccicheck (Titer test for antibody level)
  • Spaying and castration
  • In-house blood tests
  • In-house urine tests
  • Since 2019! 10% discount on dental Xrays and dental treatment too!


Indoor cat                            € 12.95

Outdoor cat                         € 15.95

Dog   0-10kg                       € 14.95

Dog   10-25 kg                    € 16.95

Dog   25-40kg                     € 18.95

Dog   40-60 kg                    € 20.95

Dog   60+ kg                       € 27.95


Beside the financial benefits, your pet will receive regular health checks as a member of the Bie Bijen Club. This way issues can be solved before they become a real problem.

You will receive notifications for everytime you need to deworm of flea you pet too!


join the club

Joining the Bie Bijen Club is very easy. You can subscribe your pet at any time and benefit directly. Your pet can become a member at any age and it’s never too old to join the Bie Bijen Club!
Pups and kittens
receive extra discount: All their monthly deworming up to six months is fully included in the Bie Bijen Club and beside the fully included vaccination at one year old, your little friend receives 10% discount on the puppy or kitten vaccinations too!

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We will send you reminders for vaccinations and health checks. We will remind you every time you need to treat your pet for worms and fleas+ticks as well.
Costs will be spread over the year… nicely predictable and well priced. HuisdierenZorgplan will take care of the automatic monthly direct debits. They will charge a once only subscription fee of 10 euros for this.