Linda Bijen De Bie Dierenarts

In 2007 I graduated as a veterinarian in Utrecht (NL) and after 4 years of practical experience Rob and I decided to expand our horizons to Australia. The mutual respect and the central position of pets in Australian families gave me new insights that I still use every day. Compassion, attention and honest consideration with the owner are in my view central aspects of good veterinary practice. The variety in work and communication make every day interesting.

Within our clinic I like to focus on more severe dental problems. My heart jumps if a patient that was anxious when you try to pet him after treatment friendly shows his clean mouth at the recheck. Besides digital Xrays we can take Xrays specifically of the teeth and jaws. An absolute great addition to reach the right diagnose and deliver the best care for our patients. Because that’s why we get up in the morning!



Rob Bijen Dierenarts

Since 2007 I worked as a vet in companion animals for different clinics in the Netherlands and overseas. Fully comitted and enthusiastic I use my professionality and positive lifestyle in our own clinic at home in Genhout since January 2017. What I find very important is what pet owners tell me about their pet. I lister very carefully, because pet mums or dads know their four legged friends better than anyone! I combine this with thourough clinical examination and together we can develop a plan to get or keep your pet healthy.

Beside general veterinary care, my focus is on orthopedics, like cruciate ligament surgery, patella luxations and fracture care. I enjoy good research (bloods/ urine / Xrays etc) too, to do my very best to get the right diagnose in more complicated patients. I don’t quit easily, but if the problem reaches beyond our possibilities, we know where to find the right specialist to refer your pet to.

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